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Robt Seda-Schreiber is, hyperbole aside, the very definition of a Social Justice Activist.
In no particular order and in short summation, Robt’s dedication to social justice manifests itself in the following endeavors including but not limited to:
For almost twenty-five years now, he has taught and inspired students, colleagues, parents, and the greater community in the same school he attended as a student himself; before he taught, he founded and ran The Creatures of Awareness Theatre Co., a non-profit community theatre group which raised over $10,000 for AIDS foundations and support groups; in his first year of teaching, he started the Kreps Middle School mural program which showcases student artwork that has social and political import; Robt has written and directed the school’s spring play at his school for over twenty years, always a topical piece that communicates an important message of respect and kindness (this year it was a protest piece disguised as middle school theatre ce…

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